Why Nyakera is a step ahead of his gubernatorial competitors after Kalonzo’s Ithanga visit

By Allan Wanjiku

Irungu Nyakera, Presidential hopeful Kalonzo Musyoka and Ithanga MCA Samuel Mwangi

On Sunday, former devolution Ps and agricultural reforms crusader Irungu Nyakera brought former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to a political tour in Ithanga Ward.

Many interpreted Nyakera’s involvement with Kalonzo differently with some claiming that he had just committed political suicide and that his actions would see him land in political Siberia.

However, Nyakera’s move depicts him as a man who knows how to utilize a moment. Did you wonder why he never took Kalonzo to his home turf in Mathioya, well Kalonzo is not popular in Mathioya like he is in Ithanga, Kambiti and Kakuzi Mitumbiri Wards.

This is because, the Akamba community who live in the listed areas have never voted for ruling party despite Muranga and Mt Kenya region where the Ward is situated, is a political bedroom for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Irungu Nyakera and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka arrive at Ithanga Catholic church

In last year’s general election, National Super Alliance candidate Raila Odinga garnered close to 20,000 not because of their love for Odinga but simply because their child (mtoto wao) Kalonzo was in the coalition.

The name ‘Nyakera’ featured prominently in Ithanga Catholic church and in leaders’ meeting which was held in Ithanga town bringing together Makuyu, Kambiti, Ithanga and Kakuzi Mitumbiri Wards together and the locals there seemed to thank Nyakera for taking their son to them.

Despite the existence of Akamba sons and daughters who can access Kalonzo  in the three Wards, it took Nyakera from Mathioya to bring Kalonzo to his tribesmen and this implied that if there will be a memorable person in the three communities, it will be Nyakera and not Kalonzo.

In actual sense, Nyakera gained more by taking Kalonzo to his tribesmen and this will be replicated next year during the votes counting, as to whether Kalonzo gained, the status quo remains. (They have always voted for him).

Every leader who addressed the congregants and the leadership forum, kept thanking Nyakera for bringing Kalonzo to his people.

“We have been looking for Kalonzo for a very long time, we are grateful for Nyakera for bringing us our son, may he be blessed and be accorded his aspirations,” James Kasyoki said.

On his part, Nyakera said… “The community kept requesting me to bring Kalonzo, today he is here,” he said amid ululations from the residents.

The event means that as other gubernatorial contenders start votes search, Nyakera has the backing of the marginalized community ie the Akamba community.

In 2017, Wa Iria ensured that as he went on with his re election plans, he consolidated all the Akorino community and spent Sundays with them at Ihura stadium a move that saw all of them vote for him.

Wa Iria, a crafty politician who wanted Kembi Gitura to be voted out as the Senator sponsored his staff Joseph Mbai to vie for Senator and camped on his Ithanga home where he campaigned for him and Wa Iria.

The effect of Mbai’s Senatorial candidacy saw him sweeping the Ithanga votes while they re elected Wa Iria for giving their son a job.

Interestingly, the votes Mbai got was they margin of votes between Senator Irungu Kangata and Kembi Gitura.

Next time you hear Nyakera taking Musalia Mudavadi to abhaluya’s working in tea estates of Gatanga, Kigumo, Kangema and Mathioya don’t think he is joining Amani National Congress.


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