Why Nyakera wants Gaturi Ward pushed to Mathioya and a creation of Makuyu Constituency

By Alex Njuguna

Tea farmers from Kanyenyaini Kangema hands over their memorandum to tea activist Irungu Nyakera in past function.

A battle pitting leaders from Murang’a North and Murang’a South is reckoning.  Differences on which constituency should be dived if Building Bridges Initiative sails through.

Some leaders are pushing for the division of the Kiharu Constituency owing to its vast number of registered numbers and want to have Kahuro as a Constituency.

Those backing the idea aver that Kahuro Sub-County has a whole set of provincial administrators from the Deputy County Commissioner all the way to Assistant chiefs, has enough housing and big towns to house the Constituency offices and that all what is lacking is the MP.

“We have the entire infrastructure in this area to house the CDF offices and other officers who may be deployed here we have had them since 1974. A new Constituency will automatically mean more money to the Constituency level and more development projects,” Kanyingi Gachomo said.

A Kiharu Parliamentary aspirant Doctor Judy Makira said… “Kiharu is under represented, we need an extra Constituency to warrant more development projects in Kahuro so that locals can have a feel of the National government Constituency Development fund. The opportunity will contribute to youth, men and women empowerment who are the future of this nation.

Former Devolution Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera has wade into the debate and wants a re-introduction of Makuyu Constituency.

Although he hails from Mathioya, the gubernatorial aspirant opined that taking the Constituency to Makuyu was the only way to ensure proper representation to the people from lower Muranga.

“My argument has always been that we need Makuyu Constituency back to allow people from lower Murang’a to have proper representation” said Nyakera.

Here is a breakdown of Nyakera’s proposal to the electoral agency on how to review and realign boundaries for the county’s electoral units.

  1. Gatanga-Kariara, Gatanga, Kihumbu-ini, Mugumo-ini Ngararia (5wards)
  2. Kandara-Ithiru, Ruchu, Gaichanjiru, Muruka, Kagunduini (5 wards)
  4. Kigumo- Kangari, Kigumo, Kahumbu, Muthithi, Kinyona. (5 wards)
  5. Mathioya-Kiru, Gitugi, Kamacharia, Njumbi, Gaturi. (5 wards)
  6. Kiharu- Township, Mbiri, Mugoiri, Wangu. (4 wards)
  7. Kangema- “Muguru to be Iyego” Rwathia, Kanyenyaini, Murarandia( 4 Wards)
  8. Maragua- Ichagaki, Nginda, Kimororo/Wempa, Kamahuha. (4 wards)


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