Why Raila is using D Mathew’s Muthuri ari bata in his Mt Kenya tours

By Allan Wanjiku

Raila Odinga

Handshake partner Raila Odinga has received a heroic welcome in Mt Kenya region unlike before where he was chased lie a stray dog but in his visits, the late John D Mathew’s song Muthuri ari bata is notable.

The song which started playing in Nanyuki, Nurumoru, Karatina, Sagana, Makutano, Kenol, Thika, Witeithie, Juja, Ruiru and Githurai became his signature tune before and after his speech.

But what’s in a song?

The late D Mathew uploaded the song in his you tube account which has attracted a 1000 likes and 429769 views.

The song seeks to remind families the importance of a father figure in a family unit and goes ahead to point out what the widow and children pass through when they are bereaved by their father.

In an apparent juxtaposition, the song goes ahead to point out the misdeeds of a family unit that prioritizes money and warns that if they don’t change the family will not only be ruined but the generations will feel the consequences of putting money ahead of unity and love.

Mucii uyu wanyu ni mutonye ni ngoma ikamunyariria na wendo wa mbia ii na mwaga kwihuga ikamuthiururuka na njiarwa cianyu Ngaaai kuu kwanyu gukahonoka wa muru translating to Devil has entered to your home and has blindfolded you with love for money and if you don’t take caution it will cost you and your generation, only few will be saved from the ruins..”

The collocation of the stanza in D Mathew’s song implies to mean that a section of Mt Kenya leaders have joined Deputy President Wiliam Ruto’s Tanga Tanga camp due to greed for money and warns that if the regional leaders do not take care, the effects of greed may be felt by generations and generations to come.

In his first stanza D Mathew’s song reads..D Mathew ni ngutira maitho na iguru njite Ngai ucio uturaga muoyo ii  ona angikorwo ni ngoma waingirie muciiuu uyu kuna ii njite Ngai aramie mitunda murimu… meaning I will lift my eyes up on the mountain and seek God to remove Satan from your home so that you can see the light

Then the chorus goes “Kweli muthuri ari muoyo nia ri bata ii, athimuraga  ciana ikaigua ngunyiriri, ti itheru muthuri ni maitho ma Ngai ii niaragiria aari na airiu moyaniire mabanga kuna Iii thayu makagia na ngoro ikahorera meaning “For sure a living man has huge importance since when he coughs children develop goose bumps, Its true he is God’s eyes, he clams the sons and daughters and peace is usually restored.

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