Why Wairagu’s political team is facing an imminent turmoil

By Allan Wanjiku

Joseph Irungu Wairagu a man who is eyeing Muranga Gubernatorial seat next year

Water Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu popularly known as Wairagu Wa Mai is a gubernatorial candidate who is sparing no effort to woo electorate to consider his gubernatorial quest.

From crafting a slogan Kwaura Kwaura, a slogan given to him by his arc rival Governor Mwangi Wa Iria to use it for his political advantage to making cartoons to illustrate how he has a plan for different areas like shortage of water, poor road network, value addition for mango farming, Wairagu seems to be politically ready to face his opponents to become the second governor of Muranga County, the cradle of Agikuyu community.

To enable him crisscross Muranga and to drum up support to his quest, Wairagu has a political team which has come up with a strategy; downing with caps and T-shirts bearing the Kwaura Kwaura messages and other wordings like water is life.

In hotels, bars and in the streets, the Kwaura Kwaura presence is heavily felt as they parade a number of missions that their boss, PS Wairagu seeks to accomplish once he is elected Governor by next year.

However, from last week, the announcement of former Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau that he has given the PS a one-month notice sent shockwaves to Wairagu probably because most of his team members were in Kabisa Kabisa’s political team in 2017.

In fact, some members were not only in the campaign team, but they were actually in Kamau’s think tank that was responsible in advising, grassroot management and implementation of Kabisa Kabisa’s strategies.

Some of the team leaders who used to work with Jamleck Kamau and are now in Wairagu’s team include Athi Water Works Development Agency Board member Betty Maina who has from time to time thanked Wairagu for her appointment at the Board.

Betty, an iron lady whose political future looks promising is a frontline defender of Wairagu but in her times and moments in Kamau’s team, she was a harsh critic of Kamau’s rival and opponent; Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

After Kamau’s notice to Wairagu to pack and go, Betty came out gun blazing and dismissed her former boss saying there was no way he could have helped Wairagu to get a bigger job than his.

“Hon Jamleck Kamau is the chairman for Tarda, Ps Joseph Wairagu is the PS Water Sanitation and irrigation. You can’t help someone secure a bigger job than yours,” she said while quoting KK online’s page that bore the one month notice to her current boss.

That goes without saying that by the time Wairagu was a junior adminstration officer, Kamau was a high ranking official in Kibaki’s government where he served as the Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Service.

In 2013-2017,  when Kamau was Kigumo MP and an influential National Assembly committee chair, Wairagu was an Under Secretary in the office of Interior and Coordination of National Government.

Funny enough, Kamaua is the main course of rivalry between Wa Iria and Wairagu given that Wa Iria accused Kamau with manipulating Wairagu to ‘misuse’ his position to frustrate his campaigns by use of police.

Fast forward, some of the members in Kwaura’s team have confided with KK online News that they are on their way back to Jamu’s team.

“We believed with his strategies then and we do believe in them today, we thought Jamleck was done in politics until he announced his bid to run for the County’s top seat next year, we are now contemplating going home with new ideas of Wairagu that he seeks to implement. Our general will be a step ahead and we shall be an asset to his camp,” a member told our reporter.

While that may severely hurt and affect Wairagu’s thirst for gubernatorial seat, another factor is a new found political relationship between Governor Wa Iria and Jamleck which is being justified by Wa Iria’s ardent supporter Habire Chege’s presence at Jamu’a function when he announced his bid to succeed Wa Iria.

Notably, Habire and some other youths were used by Wa Iria to disrupt Kamau’s functions but his presence in his meeting spoke volumes.

He even said he was a friend to Wa Iria and he accepted the will of the people to allow the governor work for them and as if that was not enough, he showed up in a meeting organized by Wa Iria that brought together Mt Kenya leaders and governors.

What will be the fate of Wairagu? Time will tell

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