Jubilee loses influential branch party official to Mudavadi’s ANC

By Ndungu Gachane

Mr Simon Gikuru with Musalia Mudavadi after a round table meeting with Nairobi and Kiambu leaders.

Three days after a section of Muranga Jubilee branch officials castigated Mr Simon Gikuru Kamau of purporting to be the legitimate chair and taking delegation to ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi, the young and visionary turk has taken yet another delegation to the ANC’s party leader.

The youthful city lawyer unknown to many resigned as a Jubilee member a couple of months ago after he was approached by the Amani National Congress (ANC) to assist Mr Mudavadi in his quest for Presidency after he helped Jubilee party to woo Mt Kenya region during the 2017 general elections.

Mr Gikuru who is known for prior proper planning, a team leader and a youth with magic convincing powers is now a life member for ANC and will be tasked for among other things ensuring Mr Mudavadi’s party is strengthened in Nairobi, the larger Mt Kenya region as they approach 2022 Presidential campaigns.

To date, Mr Gikuru has taken about 10 Muranga MCAs to Mr Mudavadi’s center, influential Nairobi leaders and business men including Hon Simon Kamangu, Kiambu business man David Mumita and an active Nairobi youth leader David Mwangi.

After having a round table with th ANC’s party leader, the delegation has unanimously agreed that he is the right leader to take over the leadership of the country come 2022 due to his vision and his pragmatic approach to reviving the dwindling economy.

“He revived the economy in his times as Finance Minister under Moi’s regime and that is his top agenda in 2022,’ Mr Gikuru told Kkonlinenews.co.ke.

Mr Gikuru, a serious strategist and a man with deep knowledge on political happenings around the country was approached by ANC citing his acumen and great leadership skills exhibited when he was the chairperson for Jubilee party Muranga branch.

He reiterated that Mr Mudavadi is supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) although he has not joined Jubilee Coalition.

Asked about remarks that he impersonated to be the chair for Muranga branch, Mr Gikuru urged everyone to read and interpret signs of the times.

” Tell them to read the signs of the time, we are so much occupied by succession politics that we don’t have time to fight for local seats,” Mr Gikuru known for striking at the best opportune time answered.

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