Leaders want Raila to pick Kenneth as running mate

By KK Online Reporter

A section of leaders who accompanied Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth at a church function in Kangare

A section of pro Government leaders want Peter Kenneth picked as a running mate of ODM leader Raila Odinga in next year’s Presidential polls.

The leaders who included Muturi Kigano (Kangema) Nduati Ngugi (Gatanga) Wangari Mwaniki (Kigumo) Peter Kimari (Mathioya) and the newly nominated Senator Isaac Ngugi announced to start a series of negotiations meetings to have Kenneth picked as a handshake candidate in next year’s polls.

They said Kenneth is a tested and proven leader who has been a staunch supporter of the President Uhuru Kenyatta and has worked with Raila giving him the required experience to work with the former Prime Minister in the next government should the duo ascends to power.

” With Uhuru being our advisor after exiting government, we strongly feel that Kenneth has the wisdom and the experience to sit at the national bargaining table, “Kimari said.

The MP maintained that the region should have a leader in the next government who will ensure that the region’s wealth is protected in the next dispensation of adminstration.

According to the leaders largely from Muranga, the county has been supportive of past government and that it was the high time a leader from the county is picked to represent the region nationally.

” This region has produced three Presidents; Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and President Kenyatta from Kiambu and retired President Mwai Kibaki from Nyeri so we new feel this is our time to produce a national leader,” Mp Ngugi said.

He added that the County produced Mike Rubia and Kenneth Matiba who fought for the second liberation of the country and that this is the pay back time.

The leaders went on to revive the Kariuki Njiiri narrative who hailed from Kigumo but stepped down in favour of Mzee Kenyatta and how James Beutta brought him to a political limelight to justify why the running mate post is too dear to them.

“Kenneth is a perfect brand for Raila. Muranga has been so selfless on political decisions and that is why we want him to be a handshake candidate. I was once his employee and his track record defends him plus he is a leader without a blemish of corruption,” Mwaniki added.

Senator Ngugi urged the public to be cautious when electing the next President saying he should be a symbol of national unity.

“I will always follow tje wise counsel of our President and we shall follow him advise even in the next year’s elections,” the Senator.

When he rose to speak, Kenneth promised that when picked for the top job, he will not frustrate Mt Kenya region or Raila.

He said Muranga is key and important factor during the succession politics since its the cradle for Agikuyu and must be on top of the chart on formation of the next government.

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