Uhuru blessed Ruto with Yangu Kumi ya Ruto Kumi Wakili Muriu to Raila and Mt Kenya leaders

By Allan Wanjiku

Wakili Edward Muriu when he was made an elder.

Gatanga Parliamentary aspirant Wakili Edward Muriu has watered down the Raila meeting with Mt Kenya leaders saying Uhuru already introduced Ruto in Mt Kenya region after the famous Yangu Kumi Ya Ruto Kumi slogan.

Likening Uhuru with Isaac, Ruto with Jacob and Raila with Esau Wakili Muriu maintains that it is too late for Raila to seek for the blessings since once the blessings departs the mouth they can’t be recanted.

“When Esau son of Isaac came to his father to be blessed after Jacob had already received the blessings Isaac told Esau ” my son you have come to late, your brother Jacob has already taken away all the blessings,” Wakili noted.
He continued.. “The mountain ones respect and honour the words of the Muthamaki..”

According to Muriu, the ‘so’ called Mt Kenya leaders and tycoons are only taking advantage of the ‘desperate jolly, good old guka Raila knowing well that its one of their own who categorically described Raila as mundu muguruki (mad man) who made Kibaki rule a nightmare and who should not be given a chance to lead and hence the reason for the mountain masses who came out like “Thuraku Thuraku and made sure Rails does not get anywhere near power both in 2013 and 2017.”

Wakili Muriu

In a tell all post, Wakili said the memories of Kenyans were fresh and vivid that in 2008 Raila reportedly washed his hands and proposed for jailing of Ruto and Uhuru in Kamiti awaiting the hearing and determination of the court.

‘What has now changed? Wanjiku says as far as she is concerned nothing has changed and she is stuck on the Muthamaki blessings of yangu kumi yako kuni political slogans.”

Wakili who is also a philanthropist, said the leaders (Mt Kenya tycoons) may fake memory loss on those facts which according to him are comforting.

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